JACKSON: The Twentieth Most Popular Surname

This site is evolving to gradually add more information about various Jackson lineages found in the USA and will become an index for those Jackson lineages.  The data base for Robert Jackson of Hempstead has been removed to cousin Jerry Gross' Quilted Family Trees where you can continue find the most recent data.   Viewers may appreciate the additional features on Jerry's site such as an individual timeline, the ability to link documents, histories and media directly to the person individual’s pages and the ability to print pedigree, descendancy and individual pages in PDF format.  Also there is the ability to leave a comment directly on that site either for questions, corrections or additional comments.  As always, both Jerry and Janie welcome your emails.   This site remains a work-in-progress and all additions, edits and corrections are appreciated!

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The 'Hempstead' Jackson line and branches:

Presently there are three branches of the Hempstead clan defined by five patriarchs.
      First Known Branch (Y9389):
           Robert Jackson of Hempstead, New York:
                 Search Form @ Quilted Family Trees

                 William Jackson, s/o Stephen Jackson and Nancy Cook
Research by Jinny Jackson Smith
           Update announcements/queries: https://www.facebook.com/groups/468602469959095/

         Samuel Jackson Irish Revolutionary Soldier, d Greene, PA
Samuel Jackson and Margaret Cree's descendants
Research by Mike Jackson, John McAnally & J. Kimble

     Second Known Branch (BY19809):
           Samuel Jackson and Vashti Greening of Stafford, Virginia
Research by John McAnally
           John Lynn and Isabelle Fristoe of Prince William & Fauquier, Virginia
Research by Mark Lynn (ancestry.com)

     Third Known Branch: 
           Thomas Jackson of Dublin, Ireland: 
                    Read the story: Page one   Page two   View the chart

For further details about how these three branches are differentiated by DNA, see

John McAnally's page here

This google spreadsheet was prepared to help you visualize the relationships and connections of the Hempstead descendants who have participated in DNA testing.

For those folks whose DNA proves they are related to the Hempstead line, but whose connection has not yet been found - charts for these folk are listed with links below:

  • Robert Jackson m Phebe Coon in Harrison, WV; moved to Marion, WV
    Janie's chart for ancestors of Raymond Vance Jackson
  • https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/6894864/listofallpeople
    Jack McAnally's chart for ancestors of Jim Ray Jackson
  • Bit of history: "Tradition has it that Robert Jackson came from Watertown, Mass., to Wethersfield, Connecticut, from thence to Hartford, Connecticut and from thence to Hempstead, in 1643; which perhaps was the first English settlement in the western part of Long Island."  But that tradition is not backed up with any documentation.  For a very complete examination of this, see Marty Grundy's history: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~paxson/jackson/Jackson.index.html.  Despite not knowing how Robert arrived on these shores, we do know his descendants have spread to all corners of the United States!  (Website is available again as of Feb 8, 2020!)

    "The more we share, the more we know!"

    'We' is smarter than 'me'!

    Why or why do we do this??  Read the comments following this article and see if you find yourself there?

    Other Jackson Lineages

    All DNA Jackson groups can be found at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Jackson/default.aspx?section=results

    The following links don't lend themselves to alphabetical sorting!

  • Sharon Oddie Brown's Northern Irish and Northern English Roots.   Also The Silver Bowl.
  • Jackson folks found in the southern portion of the Town of Hempstead, Queens & later Nassau County, New York.   If a connection to Robert of Hempstead can be found, they will be moved to the main database; but so far, there is no known connection.  Do you recognize any of these names or lineages??  
  • The following links lead to files posted at WeRelate.org, a FREE, collaborative site where YOU can add to or edit these family trees.  (Read/watch the tutorial recommended!)  For now, the first link below  is a list of at least 66 Jackson trees posted on a Free, collaborative, wiki site;
     14 Jackson immigrants, and an additional 52 different Jackson lines. Some have known DNA; many
      do not.  Some of these I have posted; some are from other researchers, but generally all are well
      sourced.   Note that lines posted to WeRelate are available for YOU to add what you know about these lines and so grow that collaborative tree.  

    The following links lead to files posted on non-collaborative sites.   The rootsweb site is currently closed for updating but earlier postings can be viewed.   Some of these have documented sources, many do not.

    “Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask thy father, and he will show thee; ask thy elders, and they will tell thee.”   Deuteronomy 32:7

    "People do not learn from the history they do not know."
    Charles Simpson, Pastoral Letter April 2012

    DID YOU KNOW?  HAVE YOU HEARD?  Your family is still growing!  With every day's research new cousins are found and with every DNA test new understandings come about.  Did you ever wonder about these new cousins and wish you knew something of their background or history?  Do you have favorite stories about your 'Grampa' that you wish others could know?  I saw on a website the other day someone rejoicing; she wrote "I found my Grandpa!!"  If you've always known your family, you may not have realized the joy it brings to those who don't know about their family to finally make that connection and know they've got cousins and relatives out there.   Because our Hempstead line started using DNA testing at Family Tree DNA before ancestry.com even began offering it, FTDNA remains the lab with the most Jackson participants for comparison purposes.  But ancestry.com is catching up and has a larger advertising budget.   If you have tested at other labs and want to compare your results with results from Jacksons who have tested at FTDNA, know that you can transfer your data to FTDNA for a small fee.  See Transfer page: https://www.familytreedna.com/landing/ydna-transfer.aspx. Scroll down to read the whole page before selecting the proper transfer.  Also, if considering upgrading, it may be helpful to read John McAnally's page for tips on selecting just certain SNPs to test.

    For those willing to help further the DNA research especially for the BigY expensive tests, the donation page is at the bottom, left, of this page: https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/jackson/about.  One can donate anonymously or not, but be sure to designate to which line or person you wish your donation to apply to.

    I am so appreciative of all the contributions that have been made by researchers and family members. But several stand out as deserving of special mention and thanks:  Thanks to Mike Jackson for his unfailing volunteer work with the Jackson Groups at FTDNA;
    Bob Mitchell [RIP] for his exacting research into Jacksons in TN, AL and the Carolinas;
    Jack McAnally for his knowledge of DNA & research as it pertains to genealogy and handholding us all when we falter;
    and Jerry Gross for his early encouragement and continuing interest! The results you see on this site are truly the results of researchers willing to share and collaborate.  It is the good spirit of sharing and working together that has made this site such a pleasure! To all who have contributed and continue to contribute THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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