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History and Background of the Study of Jackson Families in Australia with Roots in Ireland

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My name is Graham B Jackson and I live in Melbourne, Australia.   I trace my paternal line back to a marriage in Dublin, Ireland, on the 8th of February 1823, of  Thomas Jackson and Anna Maria Bagnall.  I am advised the records of this marriage were destroyed in a fire at the records office during the uprising in Dublin in 1922.  I have considerable information on the Bagnall family, going back many generations, but nothing on the origins of the Jacksons. This marriage produced 7 children - a note in a family bible records them as - Eliza 13 October 1823 - William 22 March 1825 - Thomas 30 January 1827 - Anna Maria 10 February 1829 - Frances 5 January 1831 - Jane 1 August 1832 - Charles 1 February 1833.  Clearly there is a mistake in one of the last 2 dates, unless the dates relate to christenings rather than births, but this seems unlikely.

The family appear to have lived in Dublin at 2 Great Brunswick Street (subsequently renamed) - and the occupation of the father is given as a Coal Factor i.e. one who bought coal at the mine head in England and arranged the finance and logistics of bringing it to market in Dublin.   We have a portrait of Thomas, the father, and from his dress he was of some financial standing.   We are aware of an earlier Thomas Jackson in Dublin, of the same occupation, who may well be his father but we have not been able to prove this.   Going forward from 1823 we know the first born, Eliza, married a John Millikin at St Marks in Dublin in 1845 and that he was a cutler who developed into a maker of surgical instruments and later moved his business to London.   We know nothing further until the second son, also named Thomas, came to Australia in the early 1850’s and spent time gold prospecting.  

In December 1853 Thomas married Mary Gubb from Topsham in Devon, at Mt Blackwood in Victoria.  In 1860 he and his wife and 2 children returned to England where Thomas worked with his brother in law, John Millikin, in the medical instrument business.   Mary Gubb Jackson, died in 1869 after having some 8 or 9 children of which only 2 survived early childhood – Thomas my grandfather, and his brother William who was born in London.   Thomas, with his 2 sons returned to Australia in the late 1870’s and established a medical instrument business in Melbourne.   This was the start of “our “ Jackson family in Australia.   As far as I am aware this branch of the Jackson family has not extended beyond Australia and New Zealand.   There is oral history the family had relatives in America but we do not know where in America.   There is also oral history that the family had links to Drogheda, a town North of Dublin, where a Jackson forebear occupied a position of some prominence.  

The only other clues we have lie in some of the naming practices in the family – firstly the use of Thomas and William for sons and the use of the surnames of families, related to the Jacksons by marriage, for middle names.  For example the name Bernard, from the marriage of a Thomas Jackson to a Maria Frances Bernard, in Dublin in 1853, was passed on to my grandfather, my father, a cousin and myself for our middle name.  I had a brother (dec’d) whose middle name was “Beresford” and there are some tantalizing hints that this name was chosen for a similar reason.  The Thomas Jackson who married Anna Maria Bagnall remains an isolated figure in our family history – we know not who his parents were or where he came from and the only thing we know of his descendants is that, outside of the son Thomas who came to Australia, one daughter married a John Millikin, a medical instrument maker, who subsequently went to London.  We have no further references to show us the way forward, or the way back, from this partner to a marriage in Dublin in 1823.  We do however have plenty of Jacksons from many parts of Ireland and for that matter, England and other places, to choose from, but nothing to help in guiding us in our choosing.

I look forward to any suggestions that may help in focusing my search either forward or back in the story of Thomas Jackson – one of a long line of Thomas Jacksons.

Graham Jackson, July 2017

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