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Virgil Allen's Letters 1942

Letter Dated 12/16/42

From Virgil D. Allen, 2304 Bellfield Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Dear Julia,

Here with are the records of our ancestors through Sylvester Hough and Sarah Williams.  These sketches are yet to be written. I could not get them done.  A number of the sketches are extremely brief due to my inability to have local searches made.  This I hope to do some time when of course it will be necessary to rewrite those accounts to include other facts found.  Writing such a book is a slow job.  This volume represents my work for a year.  There will eventually be two index pages which will show at a glance how the various families are joined.  However the reading will disclose that fact.  Always on the "A" page the next ancestor is noted and if a daughter, after her name appears the family number and generation into which she married.  The book is already over full.  So when and if I finish the record it will have to be split into two books.  Being so full a little care must be exercised in turning the pages else the holes may tear out. 

The sketches are not very well written.  I wish I might write it all over again.  With ample time I believe I could improve them.  However lacking it is in later any merit, yet not statements are made which are not based on the evidence available to me. 

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I have tried to be exact if not brilliant. The facts to be found about some of the persons names are very meager and unless it expands into fiction there is precious little to record regarding them. I have included some local history as a background in some cases.

I hope you will find it worth reading.



Letter Dated 12/18/42

From Virgil D. Allen, 2304 Bellfield Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Dear Julia,

Getting Christmas shopping done and the few things that I have to send wrapped and ready for deliver at home and abroad has been quite a task.  It has been near difficult this year as I seemed to have so little idea what the various ones wanted or needed.

You are one of my problem children this time of year.  I am sending you two packages.  The larger is self explanatory and carries it's own memo. 

This one holds the ring which I bought as a little graduation gift for Betty. The dear child never was permitted to wear it.  I am sending it to you in the hope that you will enjoy wearing it and I am sure that Betty would concur in this most heartily- will write news at later date. So wishing you a very happy Christmas and with lots of love.



Letter written to Virgil


In anticipation of your venture to the east I am making these notes for you. They tell you of ancestral places of abode in N. Jersey which I hope you will have a chance to visit.  It would be a great pleasure to me to go the these places and I hope you may go as my representation.  Perhaps I shall never see them except from the place of the next expression.

Morristown N.J.  This was a place where many of your ancestors, did business, went to church and helped defend during the revolution.  The Minton family lived here, Job Allen II and Mary Minton were married there.  Her father Jacob Minton and his wife Mary (Carter?) died there and are I suppose buried in the old cemetery.  My great Uncle Isaac Jackson Allen and his wife Susan Brown are buried there as is their daughter Clara Spence.  Some of our Mitchell ancestors lived there.

Newark N.J.  My grandfather James M. Allen and grandma Allen lived here after his removal from Ohio.  I visited him there about 1886.  He died there but is, I believe, buried at Newfoundland as is she.  His Uncle Jacob Allen lived and died and is buried there as are several of his children.  My gr gr grandmother Mary Minton, first wife of Job Allen II, later the 2nd wife of Capt. Stephen

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lived here in the closing years of her life with her son Jacob Allen, above referred to.  She died there either April 21 or Aug 20-1826.  She is buried as I believe at Rockaway. N.J.

Rockaway N.J.  This place came into some prominence about 1730 when Job Allen I your gr gr gr gr grandfather, built a forge there for the manufacture of Iron.  His son Job Allen II succeeded.  He Job II was a Cap. in the Rev.  The Allen's did not live at Rockaway but near by.  They attended church there and are buried there.  About 1732 Joseph Jackson, who also was in some way interested in iron making settled at Rockaway.  He came from Jamaica, L.I.  He lived on the west bank of the Rockaway River about 1 mi. above the village.  He died there in 1769 and is buried at Rockaway.  He was your 4 times gr grandfather.  His son Benjamin lived on the home stead, and raised his family there and no doubt from there migrated to Ohio in 1814.  So Elizabeth Jackson his dau, later the wife of Job Allen III, was born there 7/14-1782.  She is your gr gr grandmother.  Benjamin her father, the Rev. soldier, was born there 3/5-1752.  His wife Abigail Mitchell, and she may have been born at or near Rockaway as her father Nathaniel Mitchell, was a member of the church there in 1758.

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Hendrick Browyn of Hollandstock came at an early date to this place and settled.  Of him I know very little.  His son Martin succeeded, and the name was changed to Brown.  Martin was born there 10/10-1764.  He md 7/19-1785 Hannah Post, also of Hollandstock.  Hannah or Auta Post was born 6/18-1766.  They had 13 children, the 5th was Peter Post Brown who was born 10/14-1790, and md 12/13-1813 Elizabeth Kanouse.  They continued at Newfoundland-where he prospered and had 9 children. The second was Harriet Brown born 3/19-1816 and who md. 12/17-1832, James M. Allen and so became your gr grandmother.  And one of whom you may be justly proud.  All are buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery near there.  Harriet had a brother John Post Brown who lived and died in the old house.  At some time it housed a hotel, and a place where the new Yorkers went in the summer, Browns Hotel at Newfoundland was a place of fame.  I have been there.  I want you to go, though the hotel has long since gone.  Uncle John P. had a son Theodore a very fine man long since dead, who carried on the hotel.  His widow is I believe still living, but old and quite feeble.  Cousin Theordore Richart knows and if she is living and can see visitors I very much wish you could call on her.  Give her my kindest regard.  I think we never met, but she knows who I am.  Her husband, Theordore and my father were first cousins-Newfoundland is to us historic ground-

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Newfoundland- continued-(KANOUSE)

Near to this place came the Kanouse family- Of them we know little.  Their story begins with a tradition.  Two boys not yet of age came to America from Germany before the Revolution in company with an older half brother.  Arriving in this country, the half brother absconded with money which had been put into his care for the payment of the passage of the two boys.  According to the custom of that time the Capt. of the ship sold these boys to get his passage money.  The older of the two whose name was probably Heinrick was thus bound or sold to Luke Ryerson, a prosperous man who lived near Pompton plains. Young Kanouse while serving here met a young german girl who had been bought by Ryerson.  Kanouse served out his time and the balance of the girls time and took her to wife.  They settled near Newfoundland and raised a family.  One was named Jacob who was born 6/10-1762.  He md 11/2-1784 Elizabeth Davenport.  Her ancestors I have yet to find.  Their daughter Elizabeth born 1/2-1793 married Peter Post Brown. 
A mountain at Newfoundland perpetuates the name- cousin Theordore can point it out to you.

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<A diagram of descent is shown>

James M. Allen m Harriet Brown
        Elmira m Joseph Richart
               Fred Richart
               William Richart
        James M. Allan m Roxanna Moore
               V. D. Allan m Gertrude Burgess
                     V. D. Allen Jr.

Cousin Theodore Frederick Richart now lives at Newfoundland-
Calls his place White Oaks farm

Cousin Wm Rufus Richart now live in Elizabeth NJ and is a druggist- I do not have his address-But as he has been there for years he can be easily found-

These letters were located and transcribed by Jerry Gross.
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