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Before telling about this site, let me post a bit about Robert Jackson of Hempstead. "Tradition has it that Robert Jackson came from Watertown, Mass., to Wethersfield, Connecticut, from thence to Hartford, Connecticut and from thence to Hempstead, in 1643; which perhaps was the first English settlement in the western part of Long Island."  But that tradition is not backed up with any documentation.  For a very complete examination of this, see Marty Grundy's history here: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~paxson/jackson/Jackson.index.html

Now moving on to what we DO know:  It was a great joy to have found a copy of the 1887  "Jackson Ledger" in the Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants Library as it was the breakthrough for several Jackson researchers extending our personal genealogies back to our immigrant ancestor. This became the motivation for this Jackson site as both Jerry Gross and I wanted to share this treasure of information.  Because of the information in the "Jackson Ledger", we became acquainted with the book, The History of the Jackson Family of Hempstead by Oscar Burton Robbins and many different branches of our family came together.

So the information gathered over many years of research by Oscar Burton Robbins and published in the above book was added to the information in the Jackson Ledger.  This was the basic data used at the introduction of the website.  Mr. Robbins' book is available on CD and occasionally in hardback on eBay; see Resources.  A copy of the Jackson Ledger is in the Library of Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants and my (Janie) transcription of that document is listed in the Table of Contents on the Home Page.   From this base Jerry and I have added information gleaned along the way from our own research, and the research of a very lot of other Jackson researchers who have generously shared their research.   Many other resources we have used are listed as links on the Resources and Historical Sites pages.

Therefore, the more recent data is from primary sources but the more historical data is a compilation of data from various secondary documents.   Some of the information here is the result of much study where original source information is unavailable.  As such, it must be said to be 'reasonable conjecture' as we have found no better documentation at this time.  Other information has been contributed by family members with no sources; as such I have given the contributor as the source.  Sources are given for nearly all the data but all sources are not of equal value.   As such, they are subject to error.  Sometimes the various sources have conflicting data.   I have tried to resolve conflicts and to let the viewer know how/why we reached certain conclusions.  Links to articles on conflicting data can be found on the Conflicting Data Index Page.    If someone has better data, I hope you'll let me know.

On the Resource page I have given links to various source documents so you can read them for yourself.  Some are on this site; some are links to other web sites.  I am grateful for the many folks that have contributed their family information.  

I have tried to follow the Jackson name as far as possible.  Currently the lineage of Jackson women is generally limited to three generations.  Though I break this 'rule' occasionally, for the most part the lineage for Jackson women is limited in an effort to help me focus the time and effort on the direct Jackson line.  Some of the earlier work included more than just three generations for Jackson women especially if they were included in the Jackson Ledger.  Collateral families may have been entered into the data base to facilitate research, but may not show on the web site if not directly connected to Robert Jackson of Hempstead.  (However, they will show up on the related rootsweb chart!)

[NOTE: this paragraph subject to change as the website transitions into a home for various Jackson lineages and/or branches as of July 2017]  Most of the time, when DNA results indicate a connection to the Hempstead line, er, OUR CLAN, circumstantial evidence helps verify the connection.  But occasionally, the connection defies research; we know the branch is 'ours' but cannot find where it connects.   There are eleven men whose DNA proves they are somehow connected to our clan but for now we do not know where the connection is.  Eventually we plan to put links to the charts for these men on this site.  But it is still a work in progress.  Since the research on the 'Colonial Virginia Jacksons' is a larger study, I've given them their own page on the Table of Contents, so check out the 'Virginia Project' link on the TOC.  A link to the FTDNA Jackson Group results can be found on the DNA page link in the TOC.

For privacy sake, I must set a cut off date. If no date or location of death is known, folks born 1917 or earlier are assumed deceased, folks born 1918 or later are assumed living.  (These dates change each year.)  I do collect and keep this information about living people in my data base but they will NOT show on the website.  If you have date or location of death info that you believe would enable those folks to be listed, please contact me via email or letter.  Bringing all this together in one place has been a joy.  I hope as viewers find their own connections here, they will contact me to add their family to the branches.   I'll be happy to answer any questions about this site and will welcome any additional information you are willing to share. 

"We is smarter than me!" so let's work together to grow this Jackson Tree.

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