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May 16, 2016 thru December 31, 2016

Added census records to the Notes of the family of Joseph Blackwell Jackson of Jane Lew, Lewis Co., WV
Edited location of death for Minter Jackson who died in a hospital in Baltimore, MD.
Edited location of death for Emily Bird Lorentz who died in Jane Lew, Lewis, West Virginia.
Added date and location of death for Eleanor Estelle Miller, wife of Rev. Edgard Newman Jackson. She was 104 years old when she died.

Because of my interest in the Bailey family of Fauquier, VA and the Carpenter's in my own maternal line, I've added some info to the family of Mercy Jane Bailey and her husband, William J. Carpenter. So far, no connection found.  Filled in a lot more Baileys from Don Norman's file at Hackers Creek site.  

Prior to May 2016 I had Hannah and Samuel Bailey listed as children of Carr Bailey and Mary Minter because they are listed as siblings with other children of Carr and Mary in the Jackson Ledger. But neither Hannah nor Samuel are listed with other children on Carr Bailey's will and I find no other record for them. So I am removing them from the list of their children.  I did find previously unknown Carr Bailey Jr and a Joseph Bailey listed on Carr Sr's will that I have now added.  Carr Bailey's will in posted in his notes.  The Hannah Bailey unlinked from Carr and Mary (Minter) Bailey is NOT the same Hannah Bailey who married Stephen Pomeroy Jackson. 

Add'l info added to the family of Benjamin Alexander Jackson, son of Henry Andrew Jackson of Anson Co., NC.  Added census sources to his children and some burial info.  The prior child 'Jennie' was removed as she was a duplicate of Virginia Louise Jackson who married Julius Sellers.

Corrected the birth year info for Emma and Lois Arnold, first two daughters of Martin Van Buren Arnold and Margaret Reeder.
Corrected the birth year and added death info for Edith Jackson, d/o Wm Bennet Jackson and Kate Strout of Paulding Co., Ohio. Added the death info for Edith's husband, John Benjamin Ream. Edit and John both died in Washington County, Oregon (heads up from Louise Lahmann.)

Added bit of text to Home Page Search Engine so that folks know that the search engine goes only to the correct page, NOT the exact position on the page.  Viewers must scroll down the page to find what they searched for. 

Updated the Clearing House page to include three new Jackson lines that I've worked on.
Edited the DNA page to remove outdated info and broken links.

There is still a LOT of cleanup that could/should be done on our Hempstead file; so many don't have death and/or burial info.  But I'm spending most of my time on other Jackson lines when their earliest ancestor in unknown.  I've put a lot of those 'other' lines on WeRelate and added so many that I had to create an index of them just to be able to remember them.  Here are Jackson immigrants and Brick Walls at WeRelate.org: http://www.werelate.org/wiki/Earliest_Known_Jackson_Ancestors.  And there will be more to be listed later either on the Clearing House page or on the WeRelate Earliest Jackson Ancestor index page.

Nov 9, 2015 thru May 15, 2016

Added death, burial and obituary for Robert Wayne 'Bob' Mitchell, frequent contributor to this site and many other sites.  Also created a page for him at www.WeRelate.com

Info contributed by Cindy Jackson Soria:
Added death and burial info for John Freeman Wood & wife and their son William B. Wood & wife; all descendants of Mary Burwell Jackson and Judge Freeman Wood.   Added info to the grandchildren & great-grands of Susan Jackson & Augustus Winslow.  Also added half-siblings to Margaret Canfield, d/o Josiah Flynt Canfield and Sarah Elizabeth Jackson of Rockaway, Morris Co., NJ, d/o James Jackson and Clarissa Hoff.  Since these half siblings arenít Robertís direct descendants they wonít show on this site but they will show on the rootsweb posting for Robertís Kin and Neighbors here: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=hempstead&id=I1337
If that link doesnít work, use the alpha list here: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=SHOW&db=hempstead&recno=0

Added descendants to the family of William Bailey, s/o Minter Bailey and Ann Nancy Morris of Fauquier Co., Virginia

Pat Hickin brought to my attention that the date of death for Minter Jackson was in error.  It has been corrected and Minter's Notes have been edited to show the source material.

Added info to the family of William Paul Williams and Iris Burch.
Added info from Find-a-Grave to the children of William Burch and Annie Hendrick, Chesterfield Co., SC.
Added death & burial info from Find-a-Grave to Nancy Winsor Jackson, husband Daniel Boraker and some of their children.
Added burial info for some of the descendants of Perie Anna Jackson & Rev. Garah Farmer. (Jerry Gross)
I have lost track of how much other burial info I have added to various families!

I have changed the name of the Jackson links page on the Table of Contents to be "Clearing House: Links to Various Jackson Lineages".   I'm working to add to that page all the various Jackson lines I've worked on and posted elsewhere. I've updated bad links and added quite a few new ones. And there will be more to come later.
Neither of the following two lines are related to Robert's Hempstead line that we know of.  DNA testing could be helpful.
Added link on the Clearing House page to descendants of Capt. John Jackson of Fairfax County, Virginia. (Janie's research)
Added link on the Clearing House page to descendants of Benjamin Jackson of Rensselaer Co., New York.  (research of Janie and Norman Jackson)

Edited the Helpful Tools page to remove bad links and add 2 new links:
1)interactive maps that show county boundaries by date and
2)a link to a great visual aid to organizing your computerized genealogy records. (Wish I had known this years ago!)

May 1, 2015 thru November 8, 2015  ....

Added abstract of 1794 will of Prudence Smith Jackson, dau of Shubal Smith, dau-in-law of James Jackson & Rebecca Hallett.
Added birth, death, burial for Hial Jackson and wife Clara Ann Bigelow of Canada and Chicago and their children, Elma and Carl.
Filled in more information about the children of John Wesley Jackson Jr. and wife Darthula Deroney McCracken.  (Info from descendant Erin Goodman.)
Added more info to the descendants of Andrew J. Jackson and Mary Ellen McDonald of Texas.  (Info from descendant Sherry Nelson.  Andrew and Mary Ellen's daughter Ruby Florence m Robert Whaley whose mother was from a different Jackson line.  This different line won't show on this site [not Robt's desc.] but does show up on rootsweb!)
Added the obituary of Mary Frances 'Miffy' Stout, dau of Thurman A. Stout and Frances Osburn.  This d/o/d allows Mary Frances Stout Chambers to show on the website now.

Edits have been made for clarity to the Page 'Transcriber's Notes' relating to the 1887 Jackson Ledger. (Jerry Gross)
Similar edits were made to the notes in the record of Edward Jackson, husband of Martha Miller. (Jerry)

I have created a WeRelate page for a Samuel Jackson of Allegany County, Maryland which includes his 1832 Will listing his wife and children.  Samuel is NOT Hempstead that I know of but he was born in New Jersey so that caught my eye.  I just want to keep record of early Jacksons and have listed Samuel on my Jackson Clearing House page.  He is NOT in my Jackson data base.  For those interested in other Jackson lines I have worked on, here is a partial list at WeRelate: this WeRelate list is different from the Jackson Clearing House list which lists other researchers' Jackson sites.

I should mention finding documentation for Dr. Isaac Jackson's father of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. This info is different from many rootsweb charts.   We need a DNA test for a male descendant of Dr. Isaac Jackson so I have put him on Clearing House page also (check him out).  Even though we don't know his ancestors, Dr. Isaac Jackson IS in my database because of an earlier relationship to the Hempstead line.  So he will show both on WeRelate and rootsweb but not on this Jackson website.

I realize I have made several small edits to the database that I have been unable to keep up with to record here.   Just another indication that I'm slowing down significantly.  I do have quite a few PAF files of other Jackson lines that I have researched that I'll try to post later to rootsweb with a web page on this site listing them.  That's my future project.

Another future project: I have found that I enjoy doing a county-wide study of all Jacksons in a specific county. And think how great it would be if we had others who would be willing to "crowd-source" such a project. I have several counties already started which could be a base. I'll post more on this later on the yahoo group site to see if others would be interested in participating in something like this. If this idea clicks with you, contact me and we'll work out the best ways to accomplish this.

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