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July 15, thru October 30, 2017
I have finally updated the rootsweb chart Jacksons Plus Relatives and Neighbors which does contain a lot more than just descendants of Robert of Hempstead.  I'm changing the title of the rootsweb chart to better reflect that the chart contains not just Robert Jackson's line but also other Jackson's I've worked on. When you notice that the Jackson name is capitalized, that means that person is the oldest known Jackson of that lineage.  If you want to see just the descendants of Robert of Hempstead, go to Jerry Gross' Quilted Family Trees website.  Also, I've added a new item to the Resource page: Reading and deciphering Colonial documents: "What does that say?" 

The Jacksons of Morgan Co., Tennessee (Hempstead line) have been updated to include more burial info and family history info in their notes as written by Robbie Wilson, descendant. Robbie has posted so much info to the Find-a-Grave memorial pages for these folks and has given me permission to copy his work to this site.  And yes, this will include the bio of Darrell Jackson, researcher for these Morgan County folks, whose 2013 demise we just learned about.  This updating of the Morgan county Jacksons also includes MANY ADDITIONS and a few corrections, so if your folks were in Morgan or even Anderson Counties in Tennessee, check them out.  I hope to be posting this also to WeRelate in the coming weeks.

I've worked on a long-standing puzzlement in the family of David C. Jackson (1842-1896) and Mary Frances Stanley of Texas.  I've documented some changes that researchers may want to check out.  Especially read the note in Mary Frances Stanley's' record.

Added quite a few burial locations for descendants of Colman Sellers of Pennsylvania.  This also corrects just a couple of dates.  I've added info to the descendants of Addison Jackson and Minnie May Hutchinson of WV.  These folks were previously hidden 'living' folks but now may be shown on the web.

Because of the possibility of confusion between two Mary Fitz Randolphs marrying into the same Jackson family (father & son), I've written an addendum to the page studying these marriages here: http://jacksonfamilygenealogy.com/pages/conflictingFitzRandolph.htm

The lineage of Peter Hoff Jackson is currently in the database and has been recently updated.  But contact with a descendant who has participated in DNA testing has proved that this Peter Hoff Jackson line does not match or connect with the Hempstead line.  I may disconnect Peter's line and post it separately to Rootsweb and to WeRelate, but that has not been done yet.

My theory that transferring the data base to Jerry's site would enable more regularly scheduled updates hasn't panned out as I thought it would.  I thought I could input directly to his site as I worked, but I'm too old to change my ways.  At least now he does the updating when I send it him and so that's one tedious thing I don't have to do and I'd rather be spending my time on research.  A current unfinished project is building a Hempstead Jackson DNA tree which will show on my site.  I think you'll like it when it is ready for publication.  Another unfinished project is the current study on ALL Jacksons in Marion County, West Virginia.  This was motivated by a DNA participant who may have ancestors there.  Testing is still in progress.   (I got NO response from my earlier inquiry about interest in county-wide studies; but I enjoy it anyway and have several in progress.)

July 7, thru July 14, 2017
I was slow to get the news but will pass on the news that Darrell Jackson died in 2013.  Darrell did most of the Morgan County, Tennessee research and encouraged me to copy his online work when he became ill.  I eventually lost touch with him as he no longer responded to emails.  A relative, Robbie Wilson,  who has posted many Morgan County family histories and obits, responded to my email and let me know about Darrell.   Robbie gave me permission to publish his family histories and obits that he has posted to Find-a-Grave and I will copy them as I have time.

I continue to research our Jackson relatives and connections.  But access to the most current data is available on Jerry Gross' Quilted Family Trees website.  Later, data will be posted to rootsweb and some to WeRelate, but for now see Jerry's site.  This is an effort to get updated info to everyone much quicker and an attempt will be made to update Jerry's site more regularly.  I hate to break-up the research in a family just because it is time for an update.  But that has resulted in unacceptably slow updates. 

I've continued to work on the family of Joseph Tompkins (1820-1879 TN), grandson of Elizabeth Jackson and James Tompkins.  This was started before the last update and just needed finishing.
I've discovered that I cited but failed to transcribe census work for early Warren County, Ohio Jacksons. So I've filled in some census records into the notes. A beginning but more could be done.

You may notice that my Jackson Family Genealogy site is still 'Under Construction'.  Note the addition of more detail about how DNA is resulting in finding more cousins!  And more is planned so stay tuned.

I know new software and websites are sometimes difficult to get used to but we've found another good feature of The Next Generation software!  A few days ago, Jerry ran a 'Validation Report' on the whole Jackson data base and it is embarrassing to say there were many things that need fixing!  Mostly typos that caused folks to be born after they died or married before they were born.   We'll work on these problem areas but they are not yet fixed and will take some time.   Jerry will run this report rather regularly to catch and correct this type of thing earlier.

January 1, 2017 thru Jul 6, 2017
This Jackson site is currently in transition as we are working to make changes for quicker, sooner updates for you.  Also, to preserve the data on a site that can be around for longer than this one.   This site will still be right here but some new things will be added and some items (like Robert's data base info) will be moved to Jerry's site.  So pardon our dust while we move things around a bit and encourage you to view Robert's ancestors from the Quilted Family Trees site. 

For quite a while, I had difficulty accessing the yahoo JacksonResearch Group.  Later, found that all I needed to do was give the site my phone number.  So if you are having trouble loging into yahoo, try that.   The Group has been very inactive.  Anyone out there still doing research?

Julie Hogston has sent me a link to the 1865 Will of Silas Jackson of Columbia Co., PA and Knox Co., OH, so that Will has been added to his notes.  This has generated a lot of additional research, adding or editing many of Silas' grandchildren, especially adding grandchildren for Hannah Jackson Pond of Knox Co., Ohio.  It has also presented a mystery: who was one of the beneficiaries of his will, Marietta Willets??  The handwriting and spelling in the will is bad and I've even tried to assume I read Marietta wrong and have researched the couple that Silas lived with in 1860: Samuel Patterson and wife Myrtilla/Myrilla.  So far have found no relationship of Silas to this couple nor have I found Marietta Willets. 

Speaking of Silas, well, we were weren't we?  Here is Silas' younger brother, Benjamin.  Benjamin's marriage and children are new to the file:
1. Artimecia Jackson born in Connecticut, d/o Daniel Jackson and Abigail Sanford (NOT Hempstead folks)
2. Artimecia Jackson married Eden Ruggles in Connecticut
3. They had a dau Mary 'Polly' Ruggles born in Connecticut
4. They also had a son Daniel Ruggles born in Connecticut
5. Daniel Ruggles m Louisa Fuller and had a son named Jackson Ruggles.
6. (#2 above) Artimecia and Eden Ruggles made their way to Pennsylvania and in 1850 are living with
7. Benjamin B. Jackson, youngest brother of Silas. Benjamin B. born in PA,
married Mary Polly Ruggles (#3 above) in PA and they made their way to Ridgefield, Huron Co., Ohio where they died. Benjamin and two of his sons went to California during the gold rush.
So now I have California cousins whose connections were verified by DNA.
And it was the research of the California cousins who initiated all this research!  Yea to 'wavemusic' and his cousin Cindy Jackson Soria!!
(I've also posted these folks to WeRelate.org.)

Added info to the family of Rev. Jacob Hill, s/o Rev. John Hill and Hulda Jackson of Anson Co., NC (contributed by Betty Hill Rankin).

Added bio info and husband to Salome Fairchild, dau of Ebenezer Fairchild and Salome Goble.  Salome married in 1781 Joseph Marion Stonecipher of Culpeper, Virginia.  The Fairchilds were tracked because they had close associations to our William of Wilkes County, NC and took the same route from Morris Co., NJ to Wilkes Co., NC that William did.   (William's dau Rebecca married Abiud Fairchild.)

Added children and some grandchildren for Betsy Jackson and Daniel Beers Young.  Also corrected the birth location of Daniel Beers Young.  The Robbins book, pg 24 says he was born in Sussex Co., NJ and the 1880 census verifies his NJ birth.   (Still no documentation for Betsy's parents.)

Added wife and children for Charles H Jackson, s/o Harrison Jackson and Roxina Jane Holcomb.
Added wife and children to Joseph Jackson Tompkins. These are great-grandchildren of James Tompkins and Elizabeth Jackson, General Joseph's daughter. Normally I don't take descendants so far from the Jackson name, but there was another Joseph Tompkins in the area that folks were confusing. So perhaps this will help eliminate the confusion. And yes, more could be done on this family.

I have added info and edited some of the Carter County, Tennessee folks finding small connections to Smyth Co. & Lee Co., Virginia.  More work needs done on this.  I'm going to make a conjecture (no absolute proof yet) of some of the children of Stephen, s/o William Jackson and Barsheba of Carter County.  Perhaps we can find a descendant for DNA testing. 

Corrected the marriage location of Grover Cleveland Nelson and Florence Maude Linn.   Added Florence's parents: Aaron Alex Linn and Captolia Wight.  (Grover was the son of Amanda Caroline ' Carrie' Jackson and Ashford Harvey Nelson.)  Prior incorrect info was from a rootsweb chart.
Corrected the d/o/d for Stephen Pomeroy Jackson of Jane Lew, Lewis Co., WV.
Corrected middle and maiden name for Daniel Beers' second wife, Harriet Cornelia Stanley; add sources, birth & burial info.

Made corrections to the burial locations of persons in the family of Florence Jackson and Robert Whaley per Sherry Nelson's email and Find-a-Grave site.
Corrected the maiden name of Candasie 'Candacy' Jane Hardwick, wife of Benjamin D. Jackson of Alabama.  Her name was NOT Troxel; that was her mother's maiden name.  I've also added a lot of grandchildren etc. to this Alabama branch, motivated by a letter from descendant Lacie Paul Bisner.

Added eleven children for Dexter Norman and Ellen Virginia Bailey of Harrison and Lewis counties, West Virginia.  Ellen Virginia Bailey has no direct connection with the Hempstead Jacksons, but the Baileys and Jacksons have close relationships.  Ellen Virginia Bailey is the niece of Hannah Bailey, wife of Capt. Stephen Pomeroy Jackson.  Their common ancestors are Minter Bailey Sr. and Nancy Ann Norris.  Because there are Normans in my maternal line, I was curious about them.  So these Norman folks WILL show on rootsweb but since they are not directly descended from Robert Jackson, they won't show on this Jackson site.

Repaired a link to the Jackson DNA msg board at FTDNA where you can ask questions; link is on the DNA page.  Also removed some broken links on the DNA page on my site.  The results page at FTDNA is not currently grouped; Mike will be working on it.  

There is still a LOT of cleanup that could/should be done on our Hempstead file; so many don't have death and/or burial info.  Adding this info to their person pages at WeRelate would be an excellent contribution that some of you could make to the family line.  If you add that info to WeRelate.org, I will get a notice and eventually get it also on this web site.  Or just email me the info so these folk's can be viewed online.  So consider this a fun project to do!!   And speaking of 'clean up' I've been working behind the scenes to locate and fix out-of-date or broken links, especially on sources.  If you find a broken link, I'd appreciate an email telling what is broken so I can try to fix it or replace it with a better source.  For sites that have been removed by their owner, sometimes the old reference can be found on the Way-Back Machine.

I should mention finding documentation for Dr. Isaac Jackson's father of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. This info is different from many rootsweb charts.   We need a DNA test for a male descendant of Dr. Isaac Jackson so I have put him on Clearing House page also (check him out).  Even though we don't know his ancestors, Dr. Isaac Jackson IS in my database because of an earlier relationship to the Hempstead line.  So he will show both on WeRelate and rootsweb but not on this Jackson website.

Another future project: I have found that I enjoy doing a county-wide study of all Jacksons in a specific county. And think how great it would be if we had others who would be willing to "crowd-source" such a project. I have several counties already started which could be a base.   I'll post more on this later on the yahoo group site to see if others would be interested in participating in something like this. If this idea clicks with you, contact me and we'll work out the best ways to accomplish this.

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