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February 14 thru April 29, 2018

The last two and half months not a lot of Hempstead genealogy has been done.  I had major surgery that set me back awhile.  But I did work on some Jacksons in Marion County and Wetzel County, West Virginia.  The Marion County folks connect via DNA but the actual ancestral connection is not yet known.  I will be putting this work on rootsweb soon.  I'll do another update when the Marion & Wetzel folks are on rootsweb.

The Home Page has been rearranged/edited for better presentation.  The google spreadsheet is still available from there.

January 8 thru February 13, 2018

I started on Kadell Jackson's line in January when I added his family to the data base based on his DNA results.  I've now added a lot more children for Kadell's father, William Alexander Jackson and his two wives (NC & SC).  Some of these children are deceased and will show on the site, some have no known death info so will show only as 'Living'.  Find-a-Grave memorials have helped add a lot to this family.

Lynn Speedie left a comment on Jerry's site concerning the wife of William Frederick Jackson of Louisiana which enabled me to find and add a lot more to this family; siblings, nieces, husbands.   You just never know when just a small comment opens a large door to lots more information. 

Emails from Patricia Buckendahl and Lois Jackson have enabled updates to many descendants of William Pitt Jackson and wife Margaret Richards.

Additional information has been added to the family and descendants of Eston Cleveland Jackson & wife Achsa Williams of Montgomery Co, Indiana.

Good news!!  Rootsweb is back.  I haven't explored it all but the charts are back and still free.  

A good bit of time has been spent gleaning info from a book about Anglo-Irish folks in an attempt to find DNA connection with these folks whose descendants now live in Australia but whose DNA does match our Hempstead line.  Some of this info from the book is already posted (by someone else) on WikiTree.com.   I'm thinking that if enough of you will put your own research/ancestors on WikiTree it may be possible to eventually make that connection.  I cannot put all the Hempstead database on that site; I'm going to need everybody to help!!  So please consider learning how to get your own Jackson info onto WikiTree.com.  It is a collaborative site so there is lots of help.

Oct 31, 2017 thru Jan 8, 2018

The "DNA Tree" has been posted to google.sheets and a link to it from the center of the Home Page. It was uploaded a bit before Thanksgiving and has generated some new contacts from viewers who have emailed me with new information that will take a while to sort out.  The new SNP testing has also enabled us to closer pinpoint to which branch a member may belong.  This new SNP testing along with the DNA tree has helped me to agree with Bob Mitchell's conjecture that Stephen Jackson and Temperance Rushing of SC had a son John Jackson, whose descendant has proved to be a Hempstead Jackson.  So with proof of Hempstead DNA and John's birth date and location it is a reasonable conclusion that John is a son of Stephen Jackson of Anson County, SC.   So this additional SNP testing helps us know where Stephen's descendants and family researcher Jennifer Canning belong in our tree. 

Note also that this DNA Tree is updated whenever there is new DNA info for the Hempstead Clan and I wouldn't guarantee that any announcement will be made. 

Added wives and children to William A. Jackson and his brother Abel R. Jackson, sons of Abel Richmond Jackson (1833-1885) of Arkansas.  Added info for William Andrew Jackson b 1858 Humphreys Co., TN, s/o Abel Richmond Jackson, adding census records, a wife and son. Several census records confirm William's relationships: His parents in the 1870 and 1880, also in 1880 his maternal grandmother, in 1900 his mother is living with him and his niece living with him in 1910. This review appears needed because many ancestry trees have him married to other women. I don't have a d/o/d or burial for him or for his wife; if anyone can find it, please let me know. Also, as always, if you see a problem with this info, let me know.

Timothy Jackson sent info that enabled a daughter of Rev. T. J. Jackson and Shirley Carmil (TN to IL) to show online, also adding daughter's husband and children.   Rev. T. J. Jackson has also been added to the DNA Tree

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