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JACKSON, MINTER, merchant and banker, was born in Harrison county, then Virginia, now West Virginia, September 20, 1824.  His father was Stephen P. Jackson, a farmer and stock dealer of that county; and his mother was Hannah Bailey.

On his father's side Mr. Jackson is of Scotch-Irish descent [1], his first ancestor in America having come from the north of Ireland in the eighteenth century. His great-grandfather[2] was settled in Harrison county as early as 1780, the records in the clerk's office of that county showing a conveyance to him at that date of a tract of land which his since then been continuously in the Jackson family.  Mr. Jackson's mother was of English ancestry[3].

Minter Jackson's boyhood was spent on his father's farm, where he early learned to work.  The elder Jackson was a man of moderate means; and as he had a large family to support and educate, Minter determined to go to work as soon as he could, to make his own living.  This desire for independence and purpose to begin work resulted in his obtaining but a limited education.  Although his father had been anxious for him to follow the profession of a lawyer.  About 1845 the county of Gilmer was formed; and Mr. Jackson, then twenty-one years of age, decided to begin his business career in the new county.  With the assistance of his older brother, and backed by what credit his father could give him, he embarked in the mercantile business at Glenville, in Gilmer county, and by dint of economy, close attention to business, and correct business methods, soon built up a substantial and successful business.  Since that time Mr. Jackson has pursued the career of a merchant, has dealt in real estate, and has been from the time of its organization the president of the Bank of Marion in Smyth county, Virginia.

Mr. Jackson had no special political aspirations, but in 1850 was elected to the general assembly of Virginia, to represent the counties of Lewis, Gilmer, and Braxton.  He did not serve, however, on account of the adoption of the Virginia constitution of 1850, and in 1851 he was elected from the counties of Gilmer and Wirt, and served in the Virginia house of delegates during the sessions of 1851-52 and 1852-53.

During the War between the States, Mr. Jackson served for three years in the nitre department of the Confederate States government, and for the last twelve months of the war he was a private in the Saltville artillery, Captain King's battery.

Mr. Jackson is an independent Democrat and, while generally acting with the Democratic party, refused to support William Jennings Bryan in 1890 on account of his position on the silver question.

Mr. Jackson has been three times married. His first wife was Mary K. Fell, whom he married at Glenville, October 28, 1850.  Of this marriage were born two children, one of whom is living.  His second wife was Isabella Holt Beattie, whom he married in Smyth county, Virginia, August 10, 1864; and of third marriage were born two children, both of whom are living.  His third wife was Mrs. Mary L. Bailey, (nee Davidson), of Parkersburg, West Virginia, whom he married November 5, 1894.

Mr. Jackson's address in summer is Marion, Smyth County, Virginia and in winter, De Leon Springs, Florida.

Pages 210-211 in:

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[1] This is an error.  Minter's Jackson family origins were in England and to Virginia via MA, NY, and NJ. The family during the period this piece was written and for many years were convinced there was a link with "Stonewall" Jackson's line.  This may be a blunder due to there being an "Edward Jackson" married to "Martha" in that line. This was not the Edward Jackson/Martha Miller ancestors of Minter who were of English origin. The confusion may best be seen in a piece on Stephen Alonzo Jackson in Virginia and Virginians (by Dr. R. A. Brock, Secretary of the Virginia Historical Society. Published 1888. Vol. II. PAGE 732-733) where the first paragraph is largely devoted to this erroneous relationship. See Conflicting Data Page.

[2] Edward Jackson of Rockaway, Morris Co., NJ who married Martha Miller.

[3] Hannah Bailey, daughter of Minter Bailey and Ann Nancy Norris.

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