Jackson Family Genealogy
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Clearing House of Jackson Web Information

There are a LOT of Jackson lines that defy identification.  If you can help with any bit of information, please email me.  You may have the clue that someone needs!   These charts are off-site so remember to use your browser back button to return to this site. If you would like for your site to be listed here and can show sources,  email Janie  

The following Jackson sites are given for your convenience.  Most are NOT connected to Robert Jackson of Hempstead, Long Island.  And some may later be found to be connected to Robert; but that determination is not currently known.  DNA testing has been helpful in distinguishing some of these lines.  Stonewall's line is listed first and second because everybody always asks if we're connected.  The Jackson Brigade site is excellent and you can leave queries.  The third listed is my main data base at rootsweb which contains a lot more folks than this web site which has only descendants of Robert Jackson.  The main data base has a lot of early folks not Jackson that I needed to collect just to keep it all straight.  Toward the bottom of the list is a study of a lot of unrelated Jacksons in the southern portion of the Town of Hempstead (not the village) and other info that would not fit on the alpha list.  Lineages marked with an * are Janie's research; those not so marked are from other researchers. 

(DNA groups can be found at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Jackson/default.aspx?section=results.)