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Graham Johnson has noted the following area of conflicting data.  This was first posted in the forum April 2007, but has been transferred to this page because the forum has been closed.

"The web site shows that William Mott (1709-1786) married Elizabeth Valentine. He is identified as RIN #2869, 4th generation of descendants of Robert Jackson. The source for the information is Mary Bunker's Long Island Genealogies (published in 1895) which I have found frequently to be incorrect. Bunker agrees with page 222 of Adam and Anne Mott: Their Ancestors and their Descendants by Thomas C. Cornell (published in 1890). The Cornell book on the previous page has an errata as it had originally shown that William's father had married Hannah Seaman while there is good evidence that he had married Hannah Ferris. I have copies of both books.

"It appears to me that there is more convincing evidence that William Mott (1709-1786) married Elizabeth Allen rather than Elizabeth Valentine.    The support for this is Hinshaw's The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy reflecting the records of Westbury Monthly Meeting (page 430) It states that William Mott, s/o William and Hannah, Great Neck, was born 6 mo (Aug) 1709, d 3-23-1786; m 6 mo (Aug) 18, 1742, Elizabeth Allen, dt Henry & Mary, b 2 mo (Apr) 28, 1724, d 1780.
Earlier on the same page it states the William Mott Sr, s/o Adam & Elizabeth, Great Neck, b. 20 Jan. 1674 d 6 mo (Aug) 31 1740 m 2 mo (Apr) 12 1705 Hannah Ferris, dt John & Mary (Jackson) b 5-3-1679 and d 6-24-1759, and their children included William b 6 mo 6 1709 and d 3-23- 1786.

"Maybe William Mott married both an Elizabeth Allen and an Elizabeth Valentine. Maybe Elizabeth Allen had married a Mr. Valentine before marrying William Mott and she was the widow Valentine when she married William Mott.  William Mott had a son William who was born 8 March 1743 -- about 7 months after Hinshaw shows that William Mott and Elizabeth Allen were married.

"Have others reconciled the apparent discrepancies?"
Graham Johnson: Researching LI families: Jackson, Hicks, Post, Doughty, Willis, Rushmore, Willets, Kirby, Mott, Seaman, Titus, & Brower

Janie:  Mr. Johnson makes a convincing case for William Mott's wife being Elizabeth Allen.  So as of Sep 2008, I am changing his wife to be Elizabeth Allen instead of Elizabeth Valentine.  Any further information about William Mott to help resolve this will be appreciated.  This also give a corrected d/o/d for William Mott.

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