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Hannah Bennettt Jackson
By Jeff Carr

A good account of her and her family has already been given in The Henkel Bulletin, pp. 219,886.  Her parents are unproven. She married as Hannah Bennett, and was named as such in her grandfather Moses Ellsworth Sr.'s will.  Jackson family descendants have recorded the legend that Hannah's parents were an Isaac and Hannah (Ellsworth) Bennett.  Maleta Doughman of Lebanon, Ohio reported this in "Some Descendants of Edward William Jackson" (1935). 

There can be no doubt that Hannah (Bennett) Jackson is of our Bennett family.  I do not believe that her father was named Isaac, nor have I seen any objective evidence that Hannah Jackson's mother was named Hannah.  There is absolutely NO known record of an Isaac Bennett anywhere in the proximity to our family at that time.  However, given this tradition and the proliferation of the name "Isaac" among Joseph Sr.'s grandchildren, I do think it possible that there was an Isaac somewhere in the ancestry.

When Moses Ellsworth wrote the permission for Hannah to marry, he indicated that "....I have raised from a child and therefore think I have the best rite to give her a way as her mother is dead and her father lives a great distance from this place."  Of the known Bennetts, John Sr., Joseph Jr., William, and the "other John" were not in Harrison, and could have been the father that was far away.  The first two of those have pretty well been eliminated from consideration due to documentation of their children.  Not enough is known about the latter two to comment definitively.  The "raised from a child" comment by Moses Ellsworth in her marriage bond may suggest that he got her around age 3-10 (ca. 1783-90), rather than infancy, so there could/should have been some record of her father in the Augusta-Harrison area.  The phrase "a great distance from this place" is so subjective as to be meaningless, short of her father not being in Harrison County.

Here as late as the 1970's, I had relatives that had never been out of Tucker County, and some not even 10 miles from where they were born; I guarantee that a trip to Clarksburg would have been "a great distance," even by car.

There is circumstantial evidence to connect her to the family of William Bennett Sr.  Hannah moved to Warren Co., Ohio as did William Bennett Jr.  In 1850 she was living there, only 7 households away from Benjamin, a son of William Bennett, Jr.; and 200 households away from William Jr.  Hannah named one of her sons "William Bennett Jackson," and William Bennett Jr., named one of his elder daughters Hannah. 

Source: Research Notes on the Bennetts from Pendleton Co., WV; compiled by Jeff Carr, Sept. 1998; revised July 1999; Version 2.

This article written and contributed by Mr. Jeff Carr, 14111 James Madison Highway, Palmyra, VA 22963.

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