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Conflicting Data From Secondary Sources

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Old documents passed around, like the old game of whisper, will invariably conflict with other old remembrances.  Even obituaries are not always written by close family members and can contain errors.  But we go with what we have and make corrections as new and perhaps more logical evidence is found.

Problematic or conflicting areas are discussed on the following pages:

Harry Macy's research published in the New York Biographical & Genealogical Society "The Record":
Was Robert Jackson's wife Agnes really a Washburn?
  This article says 'No'. 

The suggestion that John Jackson had two wives: Elizabeth Hallet and Elizabeth Seaman is disproved.

Well recognized sources say both Charles Doughty and Isaac Doty married Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Col. John Jackson.   Which Elizabeth was daughter of Colonel John?   This conflict has been resolved!

William Mott b 1709 married which Elizabeth;  Elizabeth Allen or Elizabeth Valentine?  The database has been changed to say Elizabeth Allen.

Examining sources for marriage of James Jackson and Mary Fitz Randolph.
Fitz Randolph Addendum added Oct 2017!

The conflict of 'Sarah Abigail' Jackson's two husbands: John Flesher and Jonathan Hughes
        April, 2005  Page 1    Discovery of a problem.
        August, 2005  Page 2   Solutions Found - By Paula Mellor  
        November, 2005  Page 3   Moving Edward's gravestone to Seventh Day Baptist Church, Salem, WV  

The mystery of Hannah Bennett's Parents. Who were they really?

The mystery of Betsy Jackson Young's Parents.  Were they really David Jackson and Prudence Hathaway?

 The erroneous published biography of Stephen Alonzo Jackson
   originally published in Virginia and Virginians 1888.

Studies of North and South Carolina Jacksons:

Benjamin Jackson of Anson County, NC and Chesterfield County, SC - which child belongs to which wife? by Bob Mitchell

A Study of James Jackson of Wilkes and Ashe Co., North Carolina.   This James appears to be a cousin of  William Jackson of Wilkes and Carter Counties studied below.

A Study of the William Jacksons found in Wilkes County, NC 1786-1810   This compares all the references found for various Williams to traces them back to historical records.  Though several Williams are mentioned, only three are  established by documents and only one is confirmed to be the son of Gen. Joseph Jackson of Morris Co., New Jersey and the father of Abigail Jackson Hughes and Rebecca Jackson Fairchild.

Stephen Jackson of Anson Co., North Carolina and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and Chesterfield Co., South Carolina: Study & Analysis of four Stephen Jacksons by Bob Mitchell. 

Examining the Burial Site of Col. Stephen Jackson  Chesterfield Co., South Carolina

[NOTE: Col. Stephen Jackson is not a descendant of Robert Jackson of Hempstead. This non-relatedness is verified by DNA testing at FTDNA of descendants from both Robert of Hempstead and Stephen of Chesterfield, South Carolina. There was no match. According to records currently found in the Burch Family Book, Col. Stephen's father was Henry Andrew Jackson and grandfather was Capt. Stephen Jackson. Because both Jackson lines were found in the same area about the same time, data is included in this Jackson database  about both lines to eliminate confusion.]

Other conflicting data can be discussed here later.  Please let me know of any that you are concerned about.

Table of Contents

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