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Please let me know if you have data to Add or Correct

     This is clearly a work-in-progress.  Quite a bit of the information is verified by birth, marriage and death records, but older info is taken from the oldest documents I could find and often gathered from generous cousins who have contributed their work to this project.  I've also filled in some holes and connections with data from RootsWeb-World Connect.  Much of this data must be considered a compilation of old records and my best judgment rather than data derived from verified research.  You can verify my source by clicking on the source reference number.

      My intention has been to discover as many branches of this family as possible and to make data of these branches available to all.  So your contributions are essential and very welcome to this project.  To be added to this family tree, you should have an actual connection to someone already listed.  I have tried to follow the Jackson men as far as possible. For the Jackson women, I'm gradually going back to pick up the grandchildren and grandchildren's spouses and occasionally even further down the line.  So if anyone can trace back to a Jackson grandmother, perhaps they can find their connection here.

       Great effort has been made to eliminate names of living persons.  Persons born 1913 and before are considered deceased and persons born 1914 and after, without a date of death, are considered still living; therefore, are not shown on this site.  I may have their info in my data base, but if I don't know the date of death for persons born 1910 or after, they will show only as LIVING.  So if you can supply the date of death, those persons can be included in the next update.  Errors and typos are inevitable, so please let me know of any corrections and or additions that need to be made. 

When sending me your data to put on the website, it will help make this site a more reliable source for other folks if you can include the source(s) for your info.  I will still source it as your work, but will try to include your source also.  And any notes you include about folks, make it much more interesting for other folks to read.  I can receive data typed in an email, or preferably as a file attached to an email: either a GEDCOM or register.

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Table of Contents

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