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Email from Mary Harkey Russell:

Dear Jackson's everywhere,

For several years we have had a Jackson Y-dna study and many connections have been made.  We urge men with the Jackson surname to view our site and do the test if it is possible for you.  Just recently we had one man test and when he matched some of our men, it took our genealogy back at least 4 to 6 generations.  I have been stuck for 15 years and that one test broke down the brick wall.  Those of you who are really interested in your genealogy will understand how very excited we are that this one man tested.  We now have scientific proof that we belong to that line, some may not know exactly how, or may not know exactly who the common ancestor was, but know we are on the right path.

There are quite a few different Jackson lines being studied.  More brick walls exist.  It could be that your test will break down one of those walls.  I urge you to get tested.

Mary Harkey Russell


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