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Eccentric Calhoun character Creed Brooks, known for his quick wit and outstanding penmanship, would travel to Bull River in the earlier part of this century to express his oratory at the Literary Society.

His dress and persona would make him an irregular at such a fine group.  Creed tended to dress down.

Creed stories have been told so many times, much like legends of Paul Bunyan, after a while they become muddled.  But the gist of each story remains, enough tales to fill a "Creed Brooks Compendium".  Creed would get out on Rt. 5 above Brooksville (Big Bend) and thumb for a ride in either direction.

He just wanted out of the house.  Creed had a predisposition for being struck by automobiles, and surviving the incidents with little harm.  It was told that Grantsville resident, Winfield Thomas once struck Creed and knocked him over the hill into the weeds along the Little Kanawha River.  Crawling back on the highway, he inquired of the terror-stricken driver - "How much do I owe for your car, Winfield?"

Creed, who had some knowledge of the law and was a Notary (some say a Justice of Peace), often hung out at Holbert's Store at Big Bend.  Holbert's, other than the Stump Funeral Home in Grantsville, may be the oldest business in Calhoun.  The Village of Big Bend is yet referred to as "Brooksville," because of the colorful man's presence.

A traveling salesman became interested in Creed because he never seemed to work and inquired of him how he kept starvation away from the door.  Creed replied, "Well, I'll tell you mister.  In the morning I eat a bowl of dried apples.  At noon I drink a lot of water and in the evening I just swell up in time for bed."

A well-known girl of social status was walking to the high school in Grantsville with her friends, when she came upon the crusty, unkempt man.  She announced to her friends, "We don't speak to trash," after which Creed replied, "My dear lady, I never fail to..."


Creed Brooks was the second husband of Francena Alice (Frankie) Lane.  Frankie married Creed after she and John Thomas (Tom) Jackson were divorced.
So Creed is not a Jackson, but the story was too good to pass up. It was found at http://www.hurherald.com an online newspaper published from a spot in the road called Hur, Calhoun County, West Virginia.  This newspaper has all kinds of news, stories, obits old & new, photos and just generally good stuff for anyone interested in Calhoun County.

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