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By Jerry Gross

My first interest into the Allen Family began while researching my Jackson ancestors.  I have been conducting genealogy research off and on for about 25 years.  During this time I have encountered many branches of my family tree, but my discovery of the Allen family has been an interesting find.  I first came across them in Oscar Burton Robbins' book, "History of the Jackson Family of Hempstead, Long Island, NY, Ohio and Indiana" published in Loveland, Colorado 1951.

In Oscars' Acknowledgement of Sources, he speaks fondly of his cousin, Virgil Douglas Allen, Sr. from whom he obtained much of his Jackson research, which has served as a valuable resource for many subsequent researchers. 

A letter from Oscar to Virgil Sr. dated April 24, 1944 was acknowledged by his son Virgil D. Allen, Jr. regretting to advise of his father's death in July 1943.  Virgil Jr. is quoted as saying, "Presently many of my father's genealogical notes are stored away, but I shall be glad to be of any possible services to you."  Oscar says further attempts were made to obtain information but a response that he (Virgil Jr.) was "too busy" was given.

Oscar concludes the acknowledgment that he knows that Virgil D. Allen planned to publish his genealogy information and that it was doubtful whether the "too busy" son will ever do anything about it, but Oscar hoped that he would.  I was intrigued with Oscar's comments towards Virgil Jr. and wondered if he had preserved his father's research.  With this in mind, I set off in my quest to find Virgil Douglas Allen Sr. and his family. 

With the aid of the internet, I answered a posting which eventually led me to Virgil's great grandson, John W. Allen, Jr.  Through my contact with him, I was able to uncover these files that have only been shared with immediate family.  It seems that Virgil's wish to pass his work on to his grandchildren was fulfilled. 

Through John Jr.'s willingness to share his great-grandfather's files, now the rest of the Jackson and Allen family researchers are now able to see Virgil Sr.'s work. 

All transcriptions of these Allen documents have been transcribed just as they are in the original document.

Benjamin Jackson's Life & History 1752-1842 by Virgil Allen
Memorandum: Genealogical & Biographical Reminiscences of Isaac Jackson Allen 1904
Analysis of Isaac Jackson Allen's Reminiscences by John Simon
Virgil Allen's Letters 1942

Jerry Gross-11 March 2005
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