Jackson Family Genealogy
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Clicking on the link below will take you off site to Mary Harkey Russell's Home Page.   Mary has been collecting genealogical data for 40 years.  Though her site is not dedicated exclusively to the Jacksons, she has much information about her own connection to our Jacksons.  

She says "My main reason for tracing my Jackson line is my 4th great-grandfather, Captain Stephen Jackson,  sometimes called " Killing Stephen".   I have been fascinated with him for many years.  I have tried to join the DAR using him as my Patriot but the data and proof is scarce and I have never gathered enough. I have four other ways to get in, but I want Stephen."  

"When my youngest daughter was a little girl she told me that a  man would visit her at night.  I thought, she had an imaginary friend.  I didn't discourage her.  I asked if she knew his name, she said his name was Stephen and he had a raggedy uniform on;  but not really a uniform, just parts of one.  They stayed friends for many years.  I thought it was interesting that her "friend" had the same name as her 5th great grandfather."

Here is the link to Mary's site: http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~bird.   Don't forget to use your browser's back button to come back to this site.

  Table of Contents

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