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"Aunt Betty" Ferrell Dead

An Aged Lady Dies Suddenly at the Home of Her Son, P. J. Ferrell

      Mrs. Elizabeth Ferrell, who was familiarly known as "Aunt Betty", died suddenly last Thursday morning, at the home of her son, P. J. Ferrell, near Henrietta.  She was one of the oldest women in the county, having been born Dec. 21, 1818, and was therefore, nearly 83 years old at the time of her death.  In 1833 she was married to Benjamine Jackson, from which union was born four children, two of whom, Edward and Samuel Jackson, are still living.  Some time after the death of her first husband, and in 1848, she was married to B. F. Ferrell, and to them was born four children, three sons and one daughter.

      Up until within the past year or so, "Aunt Betty" had a remarkable memory, and could discourse on historical subjects which occurred early in the last century as easily as a school boy could say the multiplication table.  It is said that she could remember the text, both the words and the place wherein it was found in the Bible, of every sermon she had ever heard preached; and being a devoted Christian and never missing an opportunity of hearing a sermon preached, this was a remarkable trait.  Her childhood days were spent in this county, when the closest neighbors lived twenty miles or more apart, and it was much farther than that to any store or mill.  We have frequently heard her tell of the bears and panthers and wolves that then roamed over the ground where Grantsville now stands.

      She possible knew more people in this county than any other woman in it, and she delighted in entertaining her friends by telling them of the early history of their country.

      Her death was sudden and almost painless, and she breathed her last as peaceably as a babe falling to sleep upon its mother's breast .  She had gotten up apparently as well and hearty as ever, but soon complaining and within half an hour she was dead.  When it was seen she must die, she was asked if she had anything to say, and she replied "All is well; death has no terror for me", and her eyes closed in that last long sleep.  Heaven's gates opened and a noble Christian lady passed in, to dwell ever with the redeemed.

      Her body was buried Friday evening at the Norman Ridge cemetery in the presence of a large concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives.
By A Friend

Published in the Calhoun Chronicle Tuesday August 27, 1901
Obit contributed by Andrea Dietze, see Contributors Page for address & email.

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