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Many additional sources are in the source citations.

Recommended free, collaborative, wiki site for genealogists! I've already begun to add some of Robert's descendants to this site. But I won't have time to do all of it; so add whatever you know. Be aware there is a learning curve as with any new program, but the benefits of collaboration are worth it. There is a video tutorial and a watercooler section where you can ask questions. Lots of good help from volunteer administrators.  Think wikipedia for genealogists!

WOW! An interactive map of county changes over time. Save this; you may need it one day!

Genealogy Roots Blog: a handy list of links for researching:

Long Island Genealogies...
Author: Mary Powell Bunker
    Publication info: Joel Munsell's Sons, Albany, NY 1895
    Another link for this book is BYU; this source may be a bit easier to print pages. 

    My summary of the Jackson Chapter

A Geographic History of Queens County, NY    
(Hempstead, Flushing, Oyster Bay, Jamaica & Newton)

Rockaway New Jersey History:
  http://rockboro.gti.net/history.htm Rockaway Library built by Colonel Joseph Jackson
    www.rockawayborough.com/history.htm Rockaway Village 1760 - 1994
    www.rockawayborough.com/library.htm History of the Rockaway Free Public Library

Marty Grundy's Study of Robert Jackson's background:
    and check out her great list of cited resources by clicking on the source numbers.

Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of NY previous to 1784
  Author: NY Colony and NY State Secretary's Office
    Publication info: Weed, Parsons & Co. 1860
    Dates from this source are probably the date the license was issued; not when the ceremony was performed.

Genealogical & Biographical Sketches of the New Jersey Branch of the Harris Family
Published by Democrat Publishing Co., Madison, WI 1888
    Author: Mrs. Sarah J. (Harris) Keifer 
    This is a transcription of Mrs. Keifer's 1888 work by Richard G. Boyd, Mt. Morris, MI.
    Mr. Boyd has combined his more recent research with that of Mrs. Keifer and there is no way
    to differentiate between the old and the new. Never-the-less, it is a helpful confirmation with many Jackson connections.

        NOTE: There has been an index to the original book published but I have not seen it.
        The index is by Ruth J. Boyer
        Pub: Los Angeles, CA: Todd 1980 [929.2 H313]

Rockaway Records of Morris County, N. J. Families
  Author: J. Percy Crayon in 1902
    Published in Rockaway, NJ by Rockaway Publishing Co.
    This is a transcription of this work.

Collection of Historical Long Island Links:  http://longislandgenealogy.com

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~rclarke/ Very comprehensive site by Genealogist R. G. Clarke  

http://www.wvculture.org/vrr/va_select.aspx WV Vital Records Search (some counties & more being added)

"History of West Virginia, Old and New"
Publication info: The American Historical Society, Inc. 1923 Vol. III, Pg. 455

Linda Cunningham Fluharty's site: 
Calhoun County West Virginia GenWeb
    Birth Records - Calhoun County, WV
    Cemetery Listings - Calhoun County, WV (Great!)
    Census 1870 Sherman District, Calhoun County, WV
    Census 1900 Center District, Calhoun County, WV
    Census 1900 Sherman District, Calhoun County, WV
    Marriage Brides Records 1881-1936 Calhoun County, WV
    Marriage Grooms List Records 1881-1936 Calhoun County, WV
    Marriage records - WV 1856-1875 Calhoun County, WV
    Pioneers: Benjamin Jackson

Marriages, Lewis Co, WV, Jackson Family 1818-1865
       Transcribed by Debbie Ullom (link fixed as of Feb 2009)

Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants:
  45 Abbotts Run Road, Horner, WV 26372
        Jackson Ledger  (a transcription by Janie Kimble is here)
           A copy of their copy is available from Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants,
        Birth Records-Lewis County WV
           Publication info: HCPD Members Online Library
        Minnie McWhorter Jackson Sketches
           Copy available from Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendents
        Notarized paper on Edward Jackson  (read on this site)
           Author: Roy B. Cook Publication info: 1928
           Copy available from Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendents
        Jackson Notes by Lloyd Jackson  (transcription by Jerry Gross is here)
           A copy available from Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants 

History of the Old Cheraws 1730 - 1810 by Alexander Gregg, published 1905
available for reading, searching and downloading from Google books here:

http://www.wvpioneers.com Pioneer Connections; WV site.

http://www.whitleycountyin.org/kindex.htm A Whitley County, Indiana site.

Warren County (Ohio) Genealogical Society site.  Excellent site for researching Warren County folks.

Historical and Genealogical Resources for the Upper New River Valley of NC and VA
(Western NC and SW Virginia)
Helpful for understanding research in this area; great map!

Great list of digitized books available online concerning ANY Jackson: http://www.genealogy.booklinks.com.
Click on the J under biographies, Jackson is in the center under the alpha links.

Keep up with what is happening and available at the Virginia Memory Project at the Library of Virginia. http://www.virginiamemory.com/blogs/out_of_the_box/

The Internet Archives and WayBack Machine Free site for reading old books, also websites that have been taken offline.

New! Digitized Genealogy Books:
Thanks to Christi Shea for posting this in Northern Neck of Virginia Genealogy Group!
"Do you use digitized ebooks for your research, or would like to but don't know where to start? The Maryland Genealogical Society has a page with links to some of the best sites for genealogical ebooks. You do not need to be a member of the society to access the page. Happy hunting!"


History of the Jackson Family of Hempstead, Long Island
    Author: Oscar Burton Robbins
    Publication info: Oscar Burton Robbins of Loveland, CO 1951
    CD from Quintin Publications: www.quintinpublications.com

The Jones Family of Long Island, Descendants of Major Thomas Jones and Allied Families
    Author: John Henry Jones
    Publication info: Tobias A. Wright, NY 1907
    Available online at www.ancestry.com 

Colonial Ancestors of Edward Jackson, 1967
    Author: Glady Stutler Hoffman
    Publication info: Washington Memorial Library, Macon, GA

Some Descendants of Edward William Jackson, 1935
    Author: Matella Prickett Doughman
    Available for copying from Western Reserve Historical Society Library
    10825 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-1777
    (Janie: Though I have serious doubts that Edward had a middle name!  This is MOSTLY ABOUT the Descendants of William Jackson of Warren County, Ohio, son of Edward Jackson and Martha Miller.  Data from this source should be checked against other sources.  The author has corrected some errors in her supplement, but I have found and corrected other errors.  There could easily be errors I have not found or corrected.  Nevertheless, it is a wealth of info not found anywhere else.  Just a good place to start!)

History of Calhoun County WV 1989
    Publication info: Reference book in Akron-Summit County Public Library
    Available for sale from Calhoun Co. Historical & Genealogical Society
    P. O. Box 242, Grantsville, WV 26147

Cemeteries in Calhoun County
    Published 1989
    Available for sale from Calhoun Co. Historical & Genealogical Society
    P. O. Box 242, Grantsville, WV 26147  (see Linda Cunningham Fluharty's website above.)


William Hamilton Jackson's Private Papers
    Copies in Janie Kimble's files

Roy B. Cook's Notarized Paper on Edward Jackson

Letter from Perie Jackson Farmer 1986
    Copy in Janie Kimble's files

Memoranda: Genealogical and Biographical of the Allen Family
    By Isaac Jackson Allen in 1904 at age 90
   Jerry Gross transcribed this and it is available here.

Table of Contents

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