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         Introduction to the Virgil Allen Biographies & Histories
                Benjamin Jackson's Life and History Compiled by Virgil Allen (1752-1842)
                Genealogical & Biographical Reminiscences of Isaac Jackson Allen   (1814 -after 1904)
                Analysis of Isaac Jackson Allen's Reminiscences by John Simon
                Virgil Allen's Letters 1942

        Aaron Case Jackson - Bio 1800-1879
        Benjamin B. Jackson - Bio 1821 -1857   
        Col. John Jackson - Bio 1645-50-1725
        Herbert Worth Jackson - Bio 1865-1936
        Joseph Jackson (1795 - 1892  PA > OH)   Autobiography within the Obituary
        Lloyd L. Jackson - Bio 1846 - 1921

        Minter Jackson - born 1824 Harrison County, WV
        Samuel Spencer Jackson - 1787 - 1856 Chatham County, NC
        Stephen Goodloe Jackson - born 1824 Harrison County, WV
        Townsend Jackson - 1823 - 1901 Chautauqua County, NY
        George Banks, Paulding County, Ohio
        William Ireland - Bio - husband of Jemima Jackson

Broken Branches - Jacksons - descendants of Robert of Hempstead; but not yet connected.
        John Jackson  chart by Jack McAnally.
        John Jackson  chart by Bob Parkison.
        John A. Jackson McAnally a Jackson child given the McAnally name.
        Oh Come Angel Band  Jacksons in Montgomery County, Tennessee by Jinny Jackson Smith.
        Peter Hoff Jackson born 1807 Orange Co., New York, married Cynthia Mullock.  Connection uncertain!
        Jody Dillard's Rootsweb Chart of Benjamin Jackson
        Mary Harkey Russell's Website 
        William Jackson, Carter Co, TN by Darrell Jackson
        The daughters of David Jackson of Campbell County, Tennessee by Darrell Jackson. 

Conflicting Data - conflict resolution or acknowledgement
        Was Robert Jackson's wife Agnes really a Washburn?   This article says 'No'. 
        John Jackson had two wives: Elizabeth Hallet and Elizabeth Seaman is disproved.
        Which Elizabeth was daughter of Colonel John?   This conflict has been resolved!
        William Mott b 1709 married which Elizabeth;  Elizabeth Allen or Elizabeth Valentine? 
        Examining sources for marriage of James Jackson and Mary Fitz Randolph.

        The conflict of 'Sarah Abigail' Jackson's two husbands: John Flesher and Jonathan Hughes
                Page 1 Discovery of a problem.
                Page 2 Solutions Found
                Page 3 Moving Edward's gravestone to Seventh Day Baptist Church, Salem, WV
        Hannah Bennett's Parents
        Betsy Jackson Young's Parents
        Stephen Alonzo Jackson  An erroneous published biography

        Carolina Jacksons:
                Stephen Jackson of Anson Co., NC and Early Craven Co., Cheraw District and Chesterfield Co., SC:
                       A study & Analysis of four Stephen Jacksons by Bob Mitchell.
                Benjamin Jackson of Anson Co., NC and Chesterfield Co., SC  by Bob Mitchell.
                A Study of the William Jacksons found in Wilkes County, NC 1786-1810
                A Study of James Jackson of Wilkes and Ashe Co., North Carolina  
                Examining the Burial Site of Col. Stephen Jackson - Chesterfield, SC

How to contribute or correct data
Copyright Fundamentals for Genealogists
DNA Jackson Project with links to FTDNA and other labs
Helpful Links & Tools  (offsite links)
Historical Sites Links   (offsite links)

Interesting Historical Stories
        Migration of Jacksons from New Jersey to Ohio 
        Autobiography of Joseph Jackson 1795-1892 gr-son of Gen. Joseph
        Benjamin Jackson's Life and History compiled by Virgil Allen  (1752-1842)
        The Murder of Parmenas Jackson; three accounts:
              The Murder of Parmenas Jackson by Onderdonk 1846
              The Murder of Parmenas Jackson by Thompson 1843 
              The Murder of Parmenas Jackson by Jones 1879 
        Jackson Quakers in Queens County, Long Island "Freedom Trail" and the Underground Railroad (off site)
        Memorandum: Genealogical & Biographical Reminiscences of Isaac Jackson Allen 1904   
        Alabama to Texas    (Jerry Clements Jackson's life as he remembered it)
        Opening up the South   (Longhunters; off site)
        Benjamin B. Jackson and Elizabeth Jane's 60th Anniversary Party
        President Lincoln and the Union Light Guard
              George Banks was Member of Union Light Guards  (with reference to Lincoln's assassination)
        Disaster Aboard the S.S. "Vestris"  (Ernest Alonzo Jackson, wife and young son Lost at Sea) (off site)
        More on the "Vestris" and the following Court Case (off site)
        Brook Hall, Washington County, VA, Sold at Auction
        Remembrances of Albert Jackson's farm  (Janie's grandfather)
        1898 Early Calhoun County Reminiscences  (many names of early pioneers)
        Creed Brooks, Calhoun County 'Character'     Story too good to pass up!
        "Home Folks" Family History of Hezekiah Jackson and Maria Jane Hartshorn by Eunice and Carlton Jackson  (5 pages!)
        Restoration of the Historic Townsend/Jackson/Malcolb House  (off site)

Jacksons related by DNA but not proved descended from Robert! (Virginia Project)
TOC Link to Jackson Ledger 1887:
        Transcriber's notes for the Ledger
               Link to erroneous bio of Stephen Alonzo Jackson
               Link to conflicting data RE John Jackson's wife(s)
        Jackson Ledger 1887
               Duke's Laws (off site)
TOC Link to Jackson Notes by Lloyd Jackson:
        Introduction to Lloyd Jackson Notes by Jerry Gross
               Jackson Notes by Lloyd Jackson
Jackson Researchers and Active Contributors
Jackson Web Sites Links  (well done Jackson sites; offsite)
Marriage Bonds, Cert. & a few Family Pictures
Jackson Surname Msg Board at Rootsweb (off site)
Jackson Surname Msg Board of GenForum (off site)
Jackson Genealogy at yahoo  (encouraging DNA) (off site)
The Jackson Research Group at yahoo  (Hempstead)
Research Notes  (reaching conclusions etc.)
        Link to Darrell H. Jackson's site
        Deed to Leonard Shown from William Jackson, Carter County, TN
        Deed to William Jackson, Carter County, TN
Resources (many links to resources used in building this site)
        Long Island Genealogies... by Mary Powell Bunker - Janie's summary of Jackson Chapter
To-Do List (not currently active)  to remove from google; put on it's own webpage.
        John Arnold, Harrison County (W)VA 1811
        Joshua Barnes' Will, husband of Sarah, d/o Col. John Jackson
        Edward Jackson's Will 1741-1807
              Edward Jackson's Inventory  
              Edward Jackson's Settlement

        Jacob M. Jackson, Warren County, Ohio 1869
        James Jackson,  Ashe County, North Carolina 1826
        James Jackson, Quaker from Queens Co, New York 1735
        Col. John Jackson, Hempstead, Queens County, NY 1724
        Col. John Jackson and his wife Hulda White Jackson, Anson Co., NC 1740 & 1745

        Hon. Minter Jackson of Smyth, VA & Gilmer, WV 1824-1907 1906
        Parmenus Jackson, Hempstead 1743-1781 1781
        Robert Jackson's Will  1620? - abt 1684 1683
        Samuel Jackson, Hempstead, Queens County, NY  1684-1728
        Samuel Jackson, Hempstead, Queens County, NY  1706-1780

        William Jackson, Carter County, TN 1810  side by side copy of original and transcription 1810
        William Jones, Hempstead, Queens County 1778
        Thomas Tredwell, Hempstead, Queens County 1779

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