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Will of Jacob M. Jackson 1804 - 1870

In the name of the benevolent Father of all I, Jacob M. Jackson of the County of Warren and State of Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament,

Item first:     It is my will that after my desese my body be decently burryed, and that all my just debts be paid.

Item 2nd:     That my beloved wife Elizabeth shal have the House and lot that I own in the vilage of Buttersville, known as the Bush property, for her residence during her natural life, and that she recieve annuelly one hundred and Seventy ($170.) Dollars paid to her simi-annually by my Executor during her life, and take to her self the chatle property that She brought to me when we was married.  If she shall elect to take these provisory in Sted of Dower ___ as the Statute provides.

Item 3rd:     I will that at my descese that all my Real and personal property (Except the Butlersville property) be Sold and the proseeds aplyed as follows: first pay my Burial expences, Second my just Debts, third the Ballance Equally divided among my children or thare legal representatives, with this exception, that my two youngest daughters (Isabella & Emma) they each to have ninety five dollars a piece more than the others, and pay the Anuity as above stated to my dear wife as above stated.  I wish my Real estate to be sold in three separate parcels, The farm on which I live in one, - the anderson Lot in another, and the tracts on which My Son John M. Jackson lives in another.

Item 4:     At the disese of my wife Elizabeth I will that the Butlersville property be sold and the proseeds be Equally divided amonst my children or thare Legal representatives.  I desire My Son George Jackson to be Guardian for my daughter Emma.  And further I wish my son George to be guardian as far as to have the controll and management of the portion of funds that may be due from my estate to the Heirs of My son Granville Jackson during their minority and that he keep the same on interest until they shall severally arrive of age - or majority and that he pay the same over to them at such times.

Item 5:     I do here by appoint My Son John M. Jackson ______ Excecutor of this my last will and testiment.

In tistimony whareof I have hereunto set my hand this 13th day of July A. D. 1869.
Signed in presence of :
Amos B. Foote
Jeremiah Spence
                                /s/ Jacob M. Jackson


In case that I should die before the Spring of A.D. 1870, My wife shal ocupy the farm house we now live in and recieve her living from the proceeds of the farm till the first of April next and in that case her anuity may date from that time.

In tistimony whare of I hereunto set my hand this 13th day of July A. D. 1869.
I now bid my Friends all farewell.

Signed in presence of:
Amos B. Foote
Jeremiah Spence
                                /s/ Jacob M. Jackson

(Jacob signed this Will but the will itself was obviously hand written by someone else at his instruction. His signature looks very labored; whether from illness or lack of education is unknown to me.  By the size of his estate, he was a very successful farmer.  Jacob died in Feb of 1870. Transcribed by Janie Kimble)

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