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These presents witnesseth that I, PERMENAS JACKSON, of the Township of Hempstead, in Queens County, January 14, 1781.

I leave to my wife, Elizabeth Jackson, the whole of her portion that she brought me, likewise the sum of 100 £; to each of my two daughters, Elizabeth and Rosannah, 500 £; to each of my two sons, Permenas and John, 100 .

I leave to my wife and four children all the residue of my moveable estate, after all my just debts and funeral charges are first paid, and my children brought up, all which several bequests to my wife are in lieu of her dower in my estate.

 To my two sons and two daughters equally, the use of all my real estate, until my son Permenas is eighteen years old, to be hired out by my executors for the benefit of my children.

To my two sons, Permenas and John, my real or "fast" estate, after my son Permenas is eighteen years old.  It is my will that the whole of my real estate be possessed and enjoyed by my son Permenas from the time he is eighteen years old until my son John shall marry, or is eighteen years old.  The whole of my moveable estate, except what I had with my wife, be put to sale and sold, and the proceeds to go to my wife and children as above given.  I make my brothers, Obadiah Jackson, Thomas Seaman, and John Jackson, executors.

Witnesses, Jacob Seaman, yeoman, Elijah Smith, of Hempstead, yeoman, Nathaniel Whitson.  Proved, March 19, 1781.

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