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Joshua Barnes

In the name of God, Amen, September 30, 1756. I, JOSHUA BARNES, of the town of Rye, Westchester County, being in good health. I direct all debts to be paid and the charge of settling my estate.  I leave to my wife Sarah the use of one of my houses where I live, at her choice, and 1/2 of my barn, and a negro girl, while she remains my widow, or during her life, and then to my son Richard.  I leave to my wife all household goods and movables indoors, and after debts and legacies are paid I leave her the rest of movables and 1/3 of the profits of all my lands.

I leave to my eldest son John 5 shillings, over and above what I have given him by deed dated March 7, 1749, in full bar of any claim as heir at law.

I leave to my son Samuel all that parcel of land whereon he has built and improved, and where he now lives, in Harrison's Purchase, bounded east by the main road, north by land of Walter Fields, being 80 acres, also a cow.

I leave to my youngest son Richard all my farm or tract of land whereon I dwell in Harrison's Purchase, in Rye, bounded west by the main road, south and east by John Thomas, north by Nathan Field, containing 90 acres, with house and buildings, Also 20 acres of land, being a part of my lot on the Oblong, No. 19.

I leave to my two grandsons Joshua and Samuel, sons of my son, Joshua Barnes, deceased, all that my lot of land in the Oblong No. 19, except 20 acres, To be divided between them when Joshua is of age, and Samuel is to have his choice, "and Richard after them."  If both of my grandsons should die, then I leave the same to my sons, John, Samuel, and Richard.

When my grandson Joshua is 21 he shall pay to his sister Patience, wife of Absalom Gedney, £12. and Samuel shall pay to his sister Mary £12.

I leave to my son Richard all my right of lands, divided and undivided, on the Island of Nassau, in New York (Long Island). I leave to my daughters, Elizabeth, wife of Hicks Seaman, Patience, wife of Daniel Halstead, Sarah, wife of Joshua Hatfield, and Mary, wife of Isaac Birdsell, each 20 shillings, and with what they have already received to be in full of all claims.  I make my wife Sarah and my sons Samuel and Richard executors.

Codicil: "Know ye that I, Joshua Barnes, being at present unwell, have heard the annexed will read to me this day, being the 16 day of June, 1760, and do make this alteration. My granddaughters, Mary and Patience, shall have 40 acres out of my lot on the Oblong No. 19. Whereas my grandson, Joshua is now come of age and gone to Sea, if he die without issue, his sisters are to have 1/2 of his share and his brother Samuel the other half.

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